Service Contract

Service Contract

Pinnacle Performance Breeding Services at Darren Miller Stables, Inc.
667 South Almstead Road
Watkins, Colorado 80137
Rhoda Rein 303/618-0749

All fees are due in advance for shipped cooled or frozen semen. Fees can be paid in increments if breeding on-site, with the full balance due upon mare departure. Chute fee is due when contract is made, payable to Darren Miller Stables, Inc. Collection days are M-W-F. Payment by credit card is accepted and will incur a 3% service charge.

Multiple Mare Incentive: $150 discount additional mares (same season, same owner). Previous Customer discount: $200 off breeding fee.

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Enter Mare's Breed Registration Information for each Association. A copy of the mare's registration papers will need to be provided. You can optionally upload them here, or send them to us directly.
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On Site Service


We require deworming and vaccination for 4way, west nile and strangles conditions. A current Coggins test is also required. Please include that information here, and bring a copy of your Coggins test with you.

Shipped Semen Veterinary Information




Reproductive Cycle Management: $300 first cycle, $200 for second cycle if needed. These fees include ultrasounds for heat and pregnancy detection and stallion collection. Any use of hormone therapy such as Regumate or additional procedures such as caslicks, culture or biopsy will be charged additionally. Any requested veterinary or farrier expenses will be billed.

Mare owner will provide information on the mare breeding history and warrants that she is in healthy and sound condition on arrival. We require deworming and vaccination for 4way, west nile and strangles conditions. If mare is insured, that information will be provided to farm. Mare owner gives stallion manager permission to have the mare/foal treated by a veterinarian as deemed necessary for the healh and safety of the mare/foal. Stallion manager will diligently try to settle the mare as quickly as possible. Mare owner agrees to give ample opportunity (breeding her through 2 heat cycles within the season or later) . Neither Stallion manager, owner, nor any person associated with them shall be liable for the death, sickness and/or accident to the mare and/or foal.

Receive Semen: $250 for the season, not including board and repro services. We monitor mare, order semen, report mare status to the stallion breeding farm that will ship semen. All foal guarantees are through stallion contract. This fee is for breeding to stallions not on the farm, does not relate to breeding to SDP Blue Blood.

Foaling: $300 and includes normal foal care/monitoring, not board. Mares foaling on premises will be charged as dry mares until foaling. We also recommend a series of vaccinations 60 days prior to foaling to guard against e-coli, rotovirus, etc. We are glad to advise and provide those for your mare. Mare/foal year-round board, rebreeding mare, halter breaking foal services are all available.


All Fees Due prior to breeding Breeding fee $2,000, Chute Fee $600, includes first shipment. If second shipment is needed, it is $200.

FROZEN SEMEN INSTRUCTIONS Save money by ordering in advance of when you need it. Make sure your vet can store it. Same price as cooled semen if ordered 3 weeks in advance, shipped UPS. Overnight shipping is market price.

SHIPPED COOLED SEMEN INSTRUCTIONS: Please notify us when your mare foals, first comes into heat, or if you induce heat. We keep records on your mare just as if she were at our farm. Please COMMUNICATE a few days prior to your estimated shipping day. Mare owner is responsible to verify Saturday Fed Ex delivery availability, or HOLD address. Mare owner responsible to return container. All shipment requests must be made to Stallion Manager, Rhoda Rein (303) 618-0749 by phone, do not order by e-mail, Facebook, etc.

ORDERING SEMEN: Collection Days are M-W-F. Please call stallion manager when your mare first comes into heat so that there is adequate notice to coordinate breeding. Notify by 8 pm MST night before collection day. You must provide shipping information, if and where you are able to get Fed Ex Saturday Delivery and that address. All address changes are the responsibility of the Mare Owner.

While every effort is made to ship viable semen, Stallion Manager makes no guarantee that the semen will safely reach the insemination point without losing integrity, quality or characteristics, or that the shipping company will deliver in a timely manner.

Mare owner is responsible for breeding mare and handling breed registration requirements. Insemination should be done by a veterinarian or someone experienced in using cooled semen, your mare's pregnancy depends on it. Mare owner agrees to have mare inseminated within 24 hours of stallion collection time and not more than 48 hours post collection time. Mare owner agrees use all semen for the Mare named in this agreement and no other. Mare owner agrees to notify Stallion Manager immediately if semen arrives in poor condition.


Breeding season ends July 1, unless special arrangements are made. Frozen semen is available anytime. Mare owner agrees to have the mare checked for pregnancy by ultrasound no later than 18 days post insemination and again 30 days upon pregnancy and communicate those results back to Stallion Manager. Both shipped semen and on site contracts contain a "Live Foal Guarantee". A live foal is described as a newborn foal who stands and nurses without assistance. Should the Mare prove not to be in foal in the year bred or lose her foal, or should the foal not stand and nurse without assistance, Mare Owner shall notify Stallion Manager within one week of the foaling date (or the date that the Mare is proved to not be in foal or loses her foal); such notice shall be accompanied by a statement from a licensed veterinarian verifying that the foal is not "live" as defined above or has been lost as stated above. Under the foregoing circumstances it is agreed: Stallion Owner shall give to Mare Owner a return breeding to the Stallion the following year only and to the same Mare originally booked (unless otherwise mutually agreed in writing between Mare Owner and Stallion Owner. Should the stallion die or become unfit for service after the Mare is pronounced safely in foal, Stallion Owner/Manager shall not be in breach of this contract and agrees to refund breeding fee amount only. If Mare Owner fails to book the Mare (or an agreed upon substitute) for rebreeding the following year; then any and all fees paid shall not be refundable; the right to rebreed is cancelled and Stallion Owner is released from any further obligation whatsoever. This contract is not transferable and cannot be sold.

Mare Owner agrees that Stallion Manager and the Stallion Owner have not made and do not make any representation or warranty as to the quality, or conformation of the foal nor that the foal will be free of any infirmity, conformation defect, disease, or inherited trait. Stallion Manager and Stallion Owner make no implied warranties of merchant ability or fitness for a particular purpose.

Mare Owner agrees to diligently try to settle Mare. If, however, Mare does not settle, Mare Owner agrees to hold harmless and release Stallion Owners: Matt Koch, Brianna Koch, Rhoda Rein, Darren Miller, Darren Miller Stables, Inc. and their respective agents, employees and any other affiliated persons from any loss or damage.

All parties acknowledge that this agreement is construed, governed and interpreted by the laws of the State of Colorado and shall be enforced under the laws of the State of Colorado. If any action or arbitration is brought to enforce or interpret the terms of this contract, the place of venue shall be Denver, Colorado.

Failure of Stallion Manager or the Stallion Owner or their representatives to insist upon any of the rights, provisions or remedies contained herein shall not be deemed to be a waiver of any nature.

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